Purchases made directly from Fitnessreality.com will receive an Extended 1 Year Warranty.
Our products are distributed by many retailers which may have different return and warranty terms.  If you purchase the product, not from www.Fitnessreality.com, please refer to the return and warranty policies of the store you purchased it from.

We have two product lines; Fitness Reality and Fitness Reality X-Class which have different terms of warranty as shown below.    

Main Component Fitness Reality Fitness Reality X-Class
Electrical Treadmill
Frame 3 Years 5 Years 
Motor 1 Year 5 Years
Parts 90 Days 3 Year
Wearable parts 90 Days 1 Year
Electronics 90 Days 2 Years
Frame 1 Year 10 Years 
Parts 90 Days 5 Years
Wearable Parts 90 Days 2 Years
Electronics 90 Days 2 Years
Frame 1 Year 10 Year 
Parts 90 Days 3 Years
Wearable Parts 90 Days 2 Years
Inversion Table
Frame 1 Year  
Parts 90 Days  
Wearable Parts 90 Days  
Electronics 90 Days  
For more details of warranty, please refer to the user’s manual of your item.