WeAssist® App

The customer experience and offering support is important to us. So, IRONMAN Fitness has an app for that.

In each IRONMAN Fitness package, you will find an Interactive Smart Guide. Download the free WeAssist® app from Apple Store or Google Play. Once downloaded, point your device’s camera to the picture on Smart Guide, where you can watch a video tutorial from the Smart Guide.

After you set up your equipment, WeAssist® will register the product by simply scanning the serial number. Need a part replacement if something breaks? Take a quick video of the part you need and submit it to us through the app. We’ll handle the rest for you. The warranty may vary from different retail sites you buy the product from. Please refer to their terms and conditions. At IronmanFitness.com, we provide a FREE 5-year extended warranty when you buy from us.

Have a suggestion or feedback? Simply use WeAssist® to shoot a video of what you think can or should be improved and send to us. Our product development team and engineers are here to listen from you.

WeAssist® features include:

  • Scan image on Smart Guide to view instructional set-up video
  • Simple product registration by scanning the product’s Serial Number
  • View product information and other related videos and user’s manual
  • Request replacement parts by video
  • Send Feedback by video; Post reviews and ratings
  • One-touch contact support